LC: One time change date of EN groups classes

by Leszek Ciopiński published 2024/03/15 16:39:18 GMT+1, last modified 2024-03-15T16:39:18+01:00 expired
1ID_EN11A&B , 1ID_EN12A

Dear Students

On Tuesday, 19th of March, I will not be able to attend in our classes. So in that day, our meetings are cancelled. For that reason, I invite you on Monday, 18th of March, to room 2.31D, according with shedule below:

10:00 Fundamentals of Programming 2 - 1ID_EN11B - project (room 3.19D)
14:00 Algorithms and Data Structures - 1ID_EN11A&B - exercises
16:00 Algorithms and Data Structures - 1ID_EN11A&B and 1ID_EN12A - lectures
18:00 Algorithms and Data Structures - 1ID_EN12A - exercises

It is one time change. I am sorry for your inconvinience.

Best regards

Leszek Ciopiński