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Konkurs dla studentów

by Stanisław Deniziak last modified 2015-01-24 00:34

Call for Participation: Smart and Pervasive Tracking and Monitoring in the IoT Scenario

Scenario Smartphones with Wi-Fi enabled periodically transmit Wi-Fi messages, even when not associated to a network. In this contest, we propose to develop a software system for passively tracking unmodified smartphones, based on such Wi-Fi detections. This system will rely only on common, off-the-shelf access point hardware to both collect and deliver detections.

Setup and Evaluation Each registered team can have up to 3 members. The IoT contest organizers will provide in advance a map of the possibly assigned positions for the teams (with power plugs and WiFi internet access).

Exact positions will be disclosed on the day of the contest (Monday, March 9th, at DATE week).

Each team brings its own computer with the running tracking software and presents a poster with their solution (software engineering and algorithms). The teams are expected to use their own wireless interface to sniff the ‘hello packets’ of the smartphones.

The evaluation of the proposed solutions will be performed with a set of controlled members (DATE Executive Committee members) who will transit across the area during the contest (MAC addresses to be known in advance). Specific tracking positions will be evaluated by the IoT coordinators.

On site, the contest will take place on a 4 hours slot, which comprises 2 hours of installation – assignment of positions, final debug, … and 2 hours of real test. The evaluation will be done during these 2 hours. Each team will also have to come with a poster describing their technical solution. The DATE attendees are encouraged to come and discuss with the students during this time.

The team with the highest score will win the competition. The price will be subsequently given on Wednesday, March 11th, lunch time, during the keynote talk.

More information and Call for Participation can be found at: http://greendisc.dacya.ucm.es/ieee-ceda-1st-internet-of-things-iot/

Important Dates Registration to the contest (send an email to the contest organizers with the personal data of the team components): January 31, 2015

Description of the solution followed (4 pages report to be sent to conference organizers): February 22, 2015

Contest date (on DATE site): March 9, 2015

Prizes Winner: 1000 € prize + printed award 2nd team in classification: 500 € prize + printed award 3rd team in classification: printed award All participants will receive a Participation Diploma Organizers Jose L. Ayala – Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) jayala@ucm.es

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland) pierre-emmanuel.gaillardon@epfl.ch

With the sponsorship of IEEE CEDA (Council on Electronic Design Automation) CEDA Representative: David Atienza (VP of Conferences, EPFL)